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The Feb 28 Phantasy Star Online 2 update that took place a couple of days ago introduced a brand new boss enemy, new NPCs & Client Orders, new Story Quests, new 10☆ Weapons & Units, more player Reward Campaigns and more!

In this post, we’ll take a look at a summary of all the updates that took place, how to meet the new boss enemy Chrome Dragon, new items you can obtain and what’s coming up in upcoming updates to be implemented soon!

Some of the exciting news include 10☆ Weapons & Units to become tradable, as well as the long-awaited changes that will make grinding easier!

New Boss Enemy: Chrome Dragon

The Feb 28 update introduced a new boss enemy called “Chrome Dragon”, which originally appears in the PS Vita version of PSO2.

Chrome Dragon

Chrome Dragon

How To Fight Chrome Dragon

To encounter Chrome Dragon, first PS Vita players who’ve cleared the new Story Quest and are “flagged” to encounter Chrome Dragon in Emergency Trials must trigger its appearance (Emergency Code: Duel) in any of the Free Fields (aka. exploration fields).

Any other player – even non-PS Vita players – who happen to encounter a Chrome Dragon spawned by a PS Vita player will then be “flagged” to be able to trigger the appearance of Chrome Dragon themselves.

To encounter Chrome Dragon and be flagged, it is recommended to join Chrome Dragon hunting parties made by people who are already flagged (if possible), or at least join one of the exploration field parties in one of the PC & PS Vita “Shared Blocks” (共用ブロック).

Players who are “flagged” may then have a chance to spawn Chrome Dragon, even in one of the non-shared blocks.  Obviously, the more players who encounter Chrome Dragon and obtain the flag, the greater the chance Chrome Dragon will appear for everyone.

Chrome Dragon Rare Item Drops

Chrome Odio | クロームオディオ (Partisan)

Chrome Odio | クロームオディオ (Partisan)

Chrome Odio | クロームオディオ (Partisan)

Chrome Vyre | クロームヴァイア (Assault Rifle)

Chrome Vyre | クロームヴァイア (Assault Rifle)

Chrome Vyre | クロームヴァイア (Assault Rifle)

Chrome Avol | クロームエヴォル (Rod)

Chrome Avol | クロームエヴォル (Rod)

Chrome Avol | クロームエヴォル (Rod)

Chrome Series | クローム・シリーズ (Units)

  • Chrome Veil Rear/Chrome Veil | リア/クロームヴェル
    • Req. R-Def: 489, HP+25, PP+3
  • Chrome Hands Arm/Chrome Hands | アーム/クロームハンズ
    • Req. R-Def: 489, HP+25, PP+3
  • Chrome Tail Leg/Chrome Tail | レッグ/クロームテイル
    • Req. R-Def: 489, HP+25, PP+3

*Set Effect: 3 Pieces = HP+45, PP+15

*All Chrome Unit Stats: S-Def = 110, R-Def: 110, T-Def: 144

Chrome Series | クローム・シリーズ (Units)

Chrome Series | クローム・シリーズ (Units)

New Story Quests

Chapter 9: The Beginning of Farewell | 第9章「最初の決別」 – PS Vita Story Quest

The new boss enemy Chrome Dragon makes its first appearance in this quest, as well as new NPC Koona (クーナ), whose Partner Card can also be obtained from this storyline.

PS Vita Story Quest Chrome Dragon

PS Vita Story Quest Chrome Dragon

PS Vita Story Quest

PS Vita Story Quest

Koona (クーナ)

Koona (クーナ)

Side Story: Arks Battle Skills Convention! | 外伝「アークス戦技大会!」 – PC Story Quest

In commemoration of the repel of Dark Falz’s attack on Arks, an Arks Battle Skills Convention has been held!

Arks Battle Skills Convention

Arks Battle Skills Convention

PC & PS Vita Story Quests can be played on both platforms once they’ve been initially unlocked on a character.

New Client Orders, Partner Cards & Mag Device

  • Client Order for NPC Koona (クーナ) has been added (PS Vita – can be accessed on PC as well).
  • Client Order for Toro (トロ) and Kuro (クロ) has been added (PS Vita).

Toro & Kuro Partner Cards

Clear the Client Order for Toro and Kuro and receive their Partner Cards, allowing you to call them to fight with you during quests!  Once you’ve obtained their Partner Cards on PS Vita, you will be able to call them out on the PC version as well.

Toro uses a Pico Pico Hammer rod during battle, while Kuro uses a Barrel Rappy Cannon launcher.

Toro & Kuro

Toro & Kuro

Toro & Kuro Mag Evolution Device

To obtain the Toro & Kuro Mag Evolution Device, keep calling them out as Friend Partners to increase their Satisfaction Levels to max (red smiley face icon).

PS Vita Exclusive Costumes, Weapons & Tickets

Refer to this post for the complete list of PS Vita costumes, weapons, tickets & other goodies.


Current Player Reward Campaigns

Ship 06, Ship 07 Welcome Campaign

Campaign Period: 28 Feb 2013 (after maint.) – 27 March 2013 (after maint.)


1). During the campaign period, create a new character on either of the ships mentioned above and level them to level 10 or above to receive:

  • Experience Points +50% x4 | 獲得経験値上昇+50% 4個

2). During the campaign period, create a new character on either of the ships mentioned above and level them to level 30 or above to receive:

  • Rare Drop +50% x4 | レアドロップ倍率+50% 4個
  • Fun 1000 Pts Ticket x1 | FUN1000獲得チケット 1個
  • My Room 3-Day Pass | マイルーム利用3日 1個

Love’s White Day Campaign

Love's White Day Campaign

Campaign Period: 28 Feb 2013 (after maint.) – 06 Mar 2013 (11:00 AM JPT)


  • Clear Han’s (ハンス) Client Order “Swarm of Beasts” (群れる野獣) during the campaign period to receive the present: Mug Cup ♂ (マグカップ♂)
  • Clear Raviel’s (ラヴェール) Client Order “Black Slaughter I” (ブラック・スローターⅠ) during the campaign period to receive the present: White Day Gift (ホワイトデーギフト) x2
  • Clear Raviel’s (ラヴェール) Client Order “Black Slaughter IV” (ブラック・スローターⅣ) during the campaign period to receive the present: Mug Cup ♂ (マグカップ♂) x1 & White Day Gift (ホワイトデーギフト) x1
Love's White Day Campaign Presents: Mug Cup ♂ (マグカップ♂) & White Day Gift (ホワイトデーギフト)

Love’s White Day Campaign Presents: Mug Cup ♂ (マグカップ♂) & White Day Gift (ホワイトデーギフト)


Rare 10★ Weapons & Units to Become Tradable

In response to requests from players who wish to have Rare 10★ Weapons & Units become tradable, the SEGA team has announced the following changes to be made soon:

  • A function to display Rarity ★10 Weapons & Units in My Ship will be added.
  • During the duration of Premium Set, a function that allows the purchase of rarity ★10 Weapons & Units from My Shop in exchange for rarity ★10 Weapons & Units will be added.

Better Grinding Success / Less Risk With Failed Grinds

Due to complaints about the excessive variation of grinding success/failures between individual weapons, the SEGA team will be implementing the following proposed changes:

  • ★7 & above Weapons that have been grinded to +10 will have their grind frequency counted to establish an average number of grind attempts to limit huge variations.
  • Establishment of a reward at the time of successfully grinding a weapon to +10.


  • The risk/penalty when failing a grind will also be reduced.

More Hunter Balance Coming Soon

  • Guard Stance effect to be improved.
  • Fury Stance effect to be improved.
  • Wary Cry effectiveness to be improved.

Other Upcoming Changes & Improvements

Easier Appearance of Parallel Areas

  • After clearing a quest, a feature to have Parallel Areas appear in an exclusive boss area will be added.

Ability to Reset All Skill Trees After Major Skill Tree Changes or the Addition of New Skills

  • When new skills are added or major changes made to Skill Trees in the future, an item that allows the reset of all Skill Trees will be sent out to all players.

More Experience Points From Defeating Enemies With Levels Greater Than The Player


6th NicoNico Live Stream Broadcast: 05 March, 9PM JPT

The 6th official NicoNico PSO2 live broadcast has been announced for 05 March at 9PM JPT.

6th NicoNico PSO2 Live Broadcast

During the live broadcast, producer Sakai and his special guests will unveil:

  • Over 100 minutes of new PSO2 gossip & information!
  • Information on PC & PS Vita “Those Who Walk Together” (共に歩む者) update.
  • Progress on our special guests’ “Character Voice Project” revealed!
  • Plus other information and news that can’t be heard from anywhere else!

You can watch the live broadcast once it goes live from this page.


Whew!  That was a lot of updates in this post!  What do you think of these new & upcoming changes?  Are you looking forward to the new improvements?  Share your thoughts and comments below!

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