Free Saint Rappy Wallpaper & “Christmas On Ice” Present Campaign

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As a Merry Christmas present, SEGA has released an Original Saint Rappy Wallpaper in 3 sizes as a free download for everyone!  You can use the links below to download the wallpaper from SEGA’s official site.

Saint Rappy Wallpaper

Saint Rappy Wallpaper Download




“Merry Christmas On Ice” Present Campaign

Additionally, a new limited-time Player Reward Campaign have been added.  Make sure you complete the requirements within the time period below to receive the special rewards!

“Merry Christmas On Ice” Present Campaign

Merry Christmas On Ice Present Campaign

Merry Christmas On Ice Present Campaign

Campaign Date:
December 5, 2012 (After Maintenance) – December 12, 2012 (11:00 AM JPT)

Complete the “Merry Christmas on Ice” (氷上のメリークリスマス) Emergency Quest at least once during the campaign period to receive a number of special prizes!

“Merry Christmas on Ice” Scheduled Times:
Below are the date & time that the “Merry Christmas on Ice” Emergency Quest will definitely occur:

  • December 7, 20:00 PM JPT / December 7, 06:00 AM EST
  • December 8, 20:00 PM JPT / December 8, 06:00 AM EST
  • December 9, 20:00 PM JPT / December 9, 06:00 AM EST


Grinder x99, Christmas Gift (クリスマスギフト) (Room Goods), Photon Sphere x1

"Merry Christmas On Ice" Present Campaign Rewards

“Merry Christmas On Ice” Present Campaign Rewards
Left to right: Grinder x99, Christmas Gift (Furniture), Photon Sphere x1

Clear the “Merry Christmas On Ice” Emergency Quest at least once on any difficulty (Normal/Hard/Very Hard) within the campaign period.

Reward Items Distribution:
Reward items will be distributed to players during the maintenance on December 19, 2012.

Special Notes:

  • Reward items are 1 per ship only.  The reward will only be sent once no matter how many characters have cleared the Emergency Quest on the same account on the same ship.  However, a character on the same account but on another ship will be eligible for the reward items provided that the clear conditions are met.
  • Please be aware that, in the case of Ship Transfer after the campaign period is over, reward items will be sent to the original ship where the Emergency Quest was cleared.
  • The present cannot be transferred or given to another SEGA ID.

Link to “Merry Christmas On Ice” Present Campaign Official Page

Make sure you grab the Saint Rappy Wallpaper and complete the “Merry Christmas on Ice” Emergency Quest to get your Christmas presents from SEGA!

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