All Rare PAs (Photon Arts) + Techniques Compilation & Exhibition

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Rare Photon Arts (PAs) & Techniques

Here’s a compilation of all currently known Rare PAs (Photon Arts) & Techniques for every weapon type in Phantasy Star Online 2, as well as their description and video exhibition (if available). More rare PAs and techniques will be added and this page updated as new ones are discovered/released.

Rare Sword (ソード) Photon Arts

Ride Slasher Ride Slasher (ライドスラッシャー)

Decimate targets ahead in an instant as you ride on your sword. Can be charged up to 2 levels.

  • Ride Slasher disk drops from: Katadoraal (カタドラール) – Rare Kyatadoran (キャタドラン)
  • Has a brief readying period before attack is unleashed if executed while standing on the ground.  Attack is released immediately if PA is unleashed in mid-air. (Recommend to execute PA after jumping to reduce readying time.)
  • Cannot be interrupted or deflected by shield-wielding enemies (ie. Gawonda).
  • Charge time is dramatically reduced with increased Sword Gear levels.

Over End Over End (オーバーエンド)

Slashes target with a gigantic blade materialized from photons.

  • Over End disk drops from: Rigushureida (リグシュレイダ) – Rare Zeshreida (ゼッシュレイダ)
  • Has an extremely long execution time from start to finish, compared to almost all PAs.
  • Slashes twice in sideways motions (left-right), before dealing a destructive downwards slash (final downwards slash is 3-hits).
  • Destructive power is increased with Sword Gear levels.

Rare Wired Lance (ワイヤードランス) Photon Arts

Cerberus Dance Cerberus Dance (サーベラスダンス)

Unleash a merciless wave of attacks as your wired lance dances to decimate its target.

  • Cerberus Dance disk drops from: Dagan Nero (ダガン・ネロ) – Rare Dagan (ダガン)
  • Strikes enemies with 4 long-range continuous attacks, followed by a strong upwards swing that causes knock-back.

Air Pocket Swing Air Pocket Swing (エアポケットスイング)

Utilizing an empty air pocket as a fulcrum, unleashes a continuous wave a swinging pendulum attacks upon enemies.

  • Air Pocket Dance disk drops from: Digunattsu (ディグナッツ) – Rare Digg (ディッグ)
  • Performs 5 consecutive swinging pendulum attacks. Direction of the swings can be altered with directional key input.
  • Due to the trajectory of the swing attacks, it is easy to miss moving targets.
  • Has great utility when used on a large number of enemies grouped in a limited area.

Rare Partisan (パルチザン) Photon Arts

Slide End Slide End (スライドエンド)

Deliver a flashy, sweeping horizontal slash attack. Can be charged 1 level.

  • Slide End Dance disk drops from: Signo Blue (シグノブルー) – Rare Signobeat (シグノビート)
  • Destructive power increases by charging (up to 1 level). When used uncharged, destructive power is approximately half of charged version.

Assault Buster Assault Buster (アサルトバスター)

Sends out a thrusting attack while closing the distance between the target in one step.

  • Assault Buster disk drops from: Banther Oran (バンサ・オラン) – Rare Snow Banther (スノウバンサー)
  • Dashing distance increases with Partisan Gear.

Rare Twin Dagger (ツインダガー) Photon Arts

Orchestra Orchestra (オウルケストラー)

Allow the twin daggers to dance freely as you unleash a wave of advancing attacks.

  • Orchestra disk drops from: Dark Agrani (ダーク・アグラニ) – Rare Dark Ragne (ダーク・ラグネ)
  • After the initial wave of advancing attacks, a final, powerful downwards plunging thrust is delivered to end the combination.
  • The reach of the attacks is considerably wider compared to most other Twin Dagger PAs.
  • If executed in mid-air, character will attack while being rooted in place without advancing forward.

Quick March Quick March (クイックマーチ)

Delivers quick leaping somersault attacks that knocks targets back.

  • Quick March disk drops from: Crys Draal (クリス・ドラール) – Rare Quartz Dragon (クォーツ・ドラゴン)
  • PA is 2-hits, with 2nd hit having the knock-back effect.
  • Execution time from start to finish is very quick compared to many other Twing Dagger PAs.

Rare Double Saber (ダブルセイバー) Photon Arts

Acro Effect Acro Effect (アクロエフェクト)

Delivers two consecutive quick strikes, followed by a magnificent acrobatic leaping strike.

  • Acro Effect disk drops from: King Vader (キングヴァーダー) – Rare Big Vader (ビッグヴァーダー)
  • Boasts a fast execution time from start to finish.
  • Although description mentions only 2 hits initially, Acro Effect actually delivers up to 4 hits.

Surprise Dunk Surprise Dunk (サプライズダンク)

Leap towards the target and deliver a downwards thrust attack with both daggers, while causing a shockwave at the point of impact.

  • Surprise Dunk disk drops from: Dal Malri (ダル・マルリ) – Rare De Mammoth (デ・マルモス)
  • PA behavior varies slightly depending if it is executed mid-air or on the ground.
  • Initial leap is accompanied by slashing attacks at the point of execution.
  • Can be difficult to hit targets directly in front with the final downwards thrust, as the leap propels the character forward considerably.

Rare Knuckles (ナックル) Photon Arts

Flash Thousand Flash Thousand (フラッシュサウザンド)

Deliver a blow that knocks the target up into the air, followed by a rain of merciless barrage to finish it off.

  • Flash Thousand disk drops from: Rock Belt (ログベルト) – Rare Rock Bear (ロックベア)
  • The first blow knocks the target up into the air, followed by 8 consecutive blows.
  • The reach of the 8 consecutive blows is relatively short, but it is wide due to the fan-shape animation.
  • Has relatively high (40) PP cost.
  • Due to the initial step-in motion before the first uppercut, the PA might miss if it is not executed at the right distance from the target.

Surprise Knuckle Surprise Knuckle (サプライズナックル)

Releases 3 consecutive backhand blows in a spinning motion.

  • Surprise Knuckle disk drops from: Banther Ong (バンサ・オング) – Rare Fang Banther (ファングバンサー)
  • Moves a little forward after each backhand blow strike when executed on the ground. If executed in mid-air, character stays rooted in place while delivering the 3 blows.
  • Has relatively quick execution time as well as low PP cost.

Rare Gunslash (ガンスラッシュ) Photon Arts

Slash Rave Slash Rave (スラッシュレイヴ)

Unleashes a furry of slashing attacks, followed by a final destructive shot.

(Slash Rave can be seen around 9:12)

  • Slash Rave disk drops from: Banther Ong (バンサ・オング) – Rare Fang Banther (ファングバンサー)
  • Slashes at target in large left-right motions for 5-hits, finishing with a gunshot.
  • If the initial hit to lure in the target misses, the PA will not be executed (similar to many “holding” PAs of the Wired Lance).

Addition Bullet Addition Bullet (アディションバレット)

Delivers a kicking blow that knocks the target back, immediately followed by a barrage of 3 gunshots.

(Addition Bullet can briefly be seen around 5:00)

  • Addition Bullet disk drops from: Banther Oran (バンサ・オラン) – Rare Snow Banther (スノウバンサー)
  • Range of the gunshots following the knock-back attack is very far.

Rare Assault Rifle (アサルトライフル) Photon Arts

Glory Rain Glory Rain (グローリーレイン)

Fire shots toward the heavens, igniting a rainfall of bullets that decimates everything in the surrounding area.

  • Glory Rain disk drops from: King Vader (キングヴァーダー) – Rare Big Vader (ビッグヴァーダー)
  • The initial upward shots towards the sky can also hit enemies, providing the target is close enough.
  • The following rainfall of bullets is centered in a radius around the initial point of execution. Up to 10-hits is possible.

Impact Slider Impact Slider (インパクトスライダー)

Disseminate a barrage of bullets while sliding, a skill that combines attack and movement into one.

  • Impact Slider disk drops from: Burn Draal (バーン・ドラール) – Rare Vol Dragon (ヴォル・ドラゴン)
  • After an initial back-step readying time, slides forward while firing 4 shots, finishing with a wake-up spinning kick (has a slight knock-back effect).
  • PA cannot be canceled until the final spinning kick motion.

Rare Launcher (ランチャー) Photon Arts

Fake Silhouette Fake Silhouette (フェイクシルエット)

Fires a unique bullet that deploys a decoy doll charged with photon.

  • Fake Silhouette disk drops from: Aronagaada (アロナガーダ) – Rare Wolgaada (ウォルガーダ)
  • The fired shot glides slower than regular launcher shots, taking awhile until it reaches the point of impact.
  • The decoy doll remains still for a period of time before self detonating, dealing damage to enemies within its surroundings.
  • The decoy doll also detonates upon coming into contact with an enemy unit.
  • Can be used as a shield to block certain enemy attacks that do not pass through its target.

Crazy Smash Crazy Smash (クレイジースマッシュ)

Use the overwhelming weight of the launcher as an advantage to deliver a devastating smash to targets.

(Crazy Smash can be seen around 11:02)

  • Crazy Smash disk drops from: Rigushureida (リグシュレイダ) – Rare Zeshreida (ゼッシュレイダ)
  • Execution speed is considered one of the fastest among all launcher PAs.
  • Close range attack, therefore requiring user to be close to the enemy.
  • Has a knockback effect on enemies.

Rare Twin Machine Gun (ツインマシンガン) Photon Arts

Infinity Fire Infinity Fire (インフィニティファイア)

Fire numerous bullets while being able to move freely. Number of shots fired can be increased with barrage effect.

  • Infinity Fire disk drops from: Mi Mikuda (ミ・ミクダ) – Rare Mikuda (ミクダ)
  • Fires 5 consecutive double-shots, followed by a finishing 4-shot spread.
  • Number of shots fired can be increased by pressing the PA button repeatedly for a barrage effect.
  • Can move throughout the PA execution up until the final spread shot.
  • The final spread shot has a relatively short range – similar to a shotgun.

Elder Rebellion Elder Rebellion (エルダーリベリオン)

Delivers consecutive combinations of twin machine gun shots and physical attacks in close range on a target.

    • Elder Rebellion disk drops from: Dark Agrani (ダーク・アグラニ) – Rare Dark Ragne (ダーク・ラグネ)
    • Moves forward for each shot during PA if executed on the ground. Character stays in place while firing the shots if executed in mid-air.
    • Can freely change the direction of each shot during execution.
    • Final 3 shots has quality similar to Satellite Aim – short range spread shot in front of the character.

Rare Techniques

Sa Foie Sa Foie (サ・フォイエ)

Intermediate fire technique. Use the power of photon to manifest a long, sweeping wave of fire to decimate enemies.

      • Sa Foie disk drops from: Burn Draal (バーン・ドラール) – Rare Vol Dragon (ヴォル・ドラゴン)
      • Although the range is relatively short, destructive power is high.

Sa Barta Sa Barta (サ・バータ)

Intermediate ice technique. Manipulate photons to cause a change in atmospheric pressure, unleashing pillars of ice to rain down upon the enemy.

(Sa Barta can be seen around 4:50)

      • Sa Barta disk drops from: Banther Elena (バンサ・エレナ) – Rare Snow Banshee (スノウバンシー)
      • 1-hit when uncharged. 3-hits when charged.
      • Although high in destructive power, it has a long charge time, coupled with a slight delay in between the technique being released and the ice pillars actually hitting the target.

Zondiel Zondiel (ゾンディール)

Beginner lightning technique. Manifest an electromagnetic field that draws in enemies and gives additional effects to lightning-based techniques.

(Zondiel can be seen around 0:30)

      • Zondiel disk drops from: Tranzecsia (トランゼクシア) – Rare Transmizer (トランマイザー)
      • The electromagnetic field has a draw-in effect on nearby enemies.
      • Using lightning-based techniques within the electromagnetic field will amplify the technique’s scope and effectiveness.
      • Works with lightning techniques used by other players as well.
      • The size of the field, duration and additional damage applied to lightning techniques is increased by charging the technique before release.
      • Can be used together with Techter’s Territory Burst ability to increase the field size further.

Na Zan Na Zan (ナ・ザン)

Advanced wind technique. Unleashes a condensed burst of wind. Range is limited, but destructive power extremely high.

(Na Zan can be seen around 0:18)

      • Na Zan disk drops from: Banther Donna (バンサ・ドンナ) – Rare Fang Banshee (ファングバンシー)
      • Charged and uncharged range are both approximately equal to that of a Gunslash.
      • Suitable for attacking an enemy’s weak spot in close range.

Ra Grants Ra Grants (ラ・グランツ)

Intermediate light technique. Crystalize photons into a spear of light that pierces through enemies.

(Ra Grants can be seen around 7:14)

      • Ra Grants disk drops from: Crys Draal (クリス・ドラール) – Rare Quartz Dragon (クォーツ・ドラゴン)
      • Uncharged is 1-hit. Charged is 5-hits.

Sa Megido Sa Megido (サ・メギド)

Intermediate dark technique. Manifest a cluster of dark energy photons that persistently seeks and destroys its target.

(Sa Megido can be seen around 0:10)

      • Sa Megido disk drops from: Gwanahda Nero (グワナーダ・ネロ) – Rare Gwanahda (グワナーダ)
      • Upon unleashing, 3 clusters of dark energy spreads out widely in multiple directions, then homes in on the target.
      • Each dark energy cluster dissipates upon impact, giving this PA a maximum of 3-hits per attack.

If there are any missing Rare Photon Arts or Techniques not covered here – or if a video isn’t working (or you know a better video) – please share or point them out in the comments below^^

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