PSO2 Master Guide Book Now On Sale!

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SEGA just announced that the long-awaited “Phantasy Star Online 2 Master Guide Book”an official printed guide book compiling all data about PSO2 up until the recent December update – is now available for all PSO fans to purchase!

Phantasy Star Online 2 Master Guide Book

Phantasy Star Online 2
Master Guide Book

The PSO2 Master Guide Book includes every juicy bit of information compiled since the official (game) service started, as well as all the know-how needed for one to become a veteran Arks.

Just an example of what’s inside the Master Guide Book:

  • All Rare Item and Enemy Drop Data up until Lv.50
  • Guide on new weapons, photon arts, and techniques
  • Catalog of all Unit Sets, Costumes & Parts Sets, Accessories, My Room Goods and other data
  • Explanation & data compilation of new systems like Ex-Cube (エクスキューブ)
  • Easy-to-understand Story summary guide
  • Easy Client Order explanation guide – including tips on which Field (map) is best for each order
  • The future of PSO2 as revealed by the Producer & Director
  • Original Item Codes for Partisan, Launcher, and Wired Lance
PSO2 Master Guide Book Bonuses

PSO2 Master Guide Book Bonuses

3 Original Item Codes Included

The Master Guide Book also comes with 3 Original Item Codes for 3 types of rare weapons (shown on the right).  They are:

  • Gaebolg / Nacht (ガエボルグ/ナハト) [Partisan]
  • Gurre Bazooka / Nacht (グッレ・バズッカ/ナハト) [Launcher]
  • Nei Claw / Nacht (ネイグロー/ナハト) [Wired Lance]

Note that although the announcement says that these are original item codes, these rare weapons have already been released in an earlier campaign – and have been available in the game for quite sometime already.

Also if you look carefully at the cover, you can see that the Saint Rappy (セント・ラッピー) is on it – which means that the data in the guide book is very recent (Saint Rappy was introduced on December 5, 2012).

You can get your own copy of the Phantasy Star Online 2 Master Guide book at Play Asia (supports international orders) or at SEGA’s ebten store (Japanese).

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