Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium Package


Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium PackageWhat Is Phantasy Star Online 2 Premium Package?

It is a Windows PC premium boxed set of the Phantasy Star Online 2 game that SEGA released for PSO2 players who want a physical, collectible version of their popular MMORPG.

The Premium Package comes with 5 Original Rare Weapons as well as a number of Extra Redeemable In-Game Item Codes.

Owners of the Premium Package will receive these extra bonuses:

5 Original Rare Weapons

ドリルナックル/ナハト Drill Knuckle / Nacht (Knuckles)

Drill Knuckle / Nacht (Knuckles)

ブラッディアート/ナハト Bloody Art / Nacht (Twin Dagger)

Bloody Art / Nacht (Twin Dagger)

H10ミズーリT/ナハト H10 Missouri T / Nacht (Twin Machine Guns)

H10 Missouri T / Nacht (Twin Machine Guns)

ウィンドミル/ナハト Windmill / Nacht (Wand)

Windmill / Nacht (Wand)

クロノスケィス/ナハト Kronos Scythe / Nacht (Double Saber)

Kronos Scythe / Nacht (Double Saber)

Plus Extra Redeemable In-Game Item Codes

30 Day Premium Set

1000 Fun Points Ticket

Mag Evolution Device シャト (Shato): Changes the look of your Mag to a unique cat-like design (shown on the right)

Color Change Pass

Scape Doll x 5

Boost Item Set x5:
(EXP +100%, Affix Success Rate +10%, Grinding Success Rate +10%, Rare Item Drop Rate +100%, Meseta Drop +100%)

Where To Get PSO2 Premium Package?


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