PSO2 JP IP Blocks, Banning Foreigners, SEGA ID Registration Errors… Oh My!

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PSO2 IP Block? Oh my...

So I was away from PSO2 for a week (RL called, sigh) and came back to some apparently big news on several forums, blogs and websites about people from outside Japan having their IP addresses blocked from registering SEGA IDs & downloading the game client from SEGA’s website.

Naturally, the first thing I did was check if I was still able login to my character.  All was well – I was able to login – and I breathed a BIG sigh of relief (imagine coming back after a week of absence to news about IP blocks lol).

After some digging on PSO2 World Forums and (post) to get myself updated with what’s been going on (sorry if this is old news to you), here’s the latest scoop: The IP blocking of people from outside Japan from accessing the SEGA ID registration page and downloading the game client has been lifted (hurray!??).

Apparently access to the game and SEGA ID management logins were still available throughout this fiasco for existing players outside of Japan. The IP bans were only for people creating new SEGA IDs (accounts) from outside of Japan.

According to speculations, the IP blocking of foreigners was a move to combat RMTers to prevent them from spamming the system with new accounts. You know – you’ve seen them before – those suspicious, identical-looking level 30 default avatars (almost always Ranger class) with gibberish names shooting launcher shots at an impossible, game-breaking (obviously hacked) rate. Sometimes you even see a bunch of them chilling out in the lobby…

Get them, Doodoo!

Obviously, they need to be taught a lesson by our friend Doodoo sama here…

So with this recent incident, as well as previous news about SEGA’s official announcement that connection to the game server from outside of Japan is prohibited (source: MMO Culture – also more about it here), should we be worried? I mean, technically we’re not even supposed to be playing this game, right? (from outside of Japan, that is)

There’s even some speculation that the IP blocking was a move to get players to convert to the US release once it comes out in 2013, though that would probably be a really bad move (I’d probably quit instead of convert lol).

Personally, I wouldn’t be worried too much.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About PSO2 JP Banning Foreigners

Let’s examine the facts:

  • As fast as the IP block for SEGA ID registrations and game client download was issued, it was equally quickly removed by SEGA.  If SEGA really didn’t want people from outside of Japan to play PSO2, wouldn’t  it be logical to just keep in the block in place?

  • Similar IP block and restriction clauses have always been present in other SEGA online games such as Phantasy Star Universe, but have never been strictly enforced.

  • Existing “gaijin” accounts were virtually left untouched, and players were able to access and play PSO2 like normal throughout the whole incident. SEGA knows, for the most part, which accounts aren’t Japanese – there are many ways to check like previous credit card records, account info, etc. – yet we are still allowed to play.

  • Online PSO communities like PSO World have a huge following – and doing anything that might alienate players from such communities won’t be too good for their fan base. SEGA wants to keep their fans happy.

  • Again, if SEGA really wanted to block all overseas players from accessing the game, they would’ve done so a long time ago, especially when there were problems awhile back from foreign hackers playing pranks and moving players outside the ship (source: Kotaku) – I know, old news.  As long as you’re not causing trouble (the keyword here is trouble), there would be no reason for SEGA to ban your account (considering the fact that many of us spend quite a lot of AC – real money – with them).

So there you have it.

Stop worrying, have fun playing Phantasy Star Online 2, and go make more of those 10☆ rares drop! >.<

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