The Hottest Phantasy Star Online 2 Female Character Illustrations

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We all love them. We can’t get enough of them. Here’s a collection of some of the Hottest Phantasy Star Online 2 Female Character Illustrations from talented artists I found on PIXIV!

Sega’s Official HUnewearl Mascot Character Fan Art

Here’s an awesome fan art of Sega’s official red-haired HUnewearl character who appears on countless Phantasy Star Online 2 promotional materials. From her appearance on some of Sega’s PSO2 Fan Briefing Live Broadcasts on NicoNico, it seems that her name is Sue (スゥ).

PSO2 Hanuel Mascot Character

Fan Art of Sega’s Official HUnewearl Mascot Character – by 玄式

Another HUnewearl Mascot Character Fan Art

Another illustration of the same HUnewearl character as above, this time with a more “anime” look. By the way, the costume she’s wearing is the Red Tiger Pierce (タイガーピアス) Neighbor Quartz (ネイバークォーツ) (thanks for pointing it out Rika-chan!) from AC Scratch. She’s so popular that hobby figures company Volks is now making a model figure of her!

Sega's HUnewearl Mascot Character

Sega’s HUnewearl Mascot Character Fan Art – by R・N

Yet Another Sue (スゥ) Illustration

Here’s yet another fan art of SEGA’s popular HUnewearl, this time posing in a battle stance with her standard Wired Lance weapon. Not much to say here, other than “cool!”

PSO2 Sue (スゥ)

PSO2 Sue (スゥ) Fan Art by NandZ

Sega’s PSO2 FOnewearl Mascot Character – Rupika

This time we have another anime-style fan art of the other popular mascot character of Phantasy Online 2 – Female Newman Force, Rupika (ルピカ)! Can’t deny that she’s cute enough to make PSO2 fans everywhere fall in love with her.

She also appears in several of SEGA’s game demonstration live broadcasts on NicoNico – and fans always comment “Kawaii!” (cute!) whenever they see her. She’s wearing the standard Viola Magica (ウィオラマギカ) costume set by the way.

PSO2 FOnewearl Rupika

Sega’s Mascot FOnewearl Rupika – Illustration by R・N

RAcaseal NPC Lisa

Another of the many fan art drawings of the Female Cast Ranger NPC, Lisa. Can’t help that she’s so popular!

In this drawing, she’s saying, “Please be careful nee~” (ki o tsukete kudasai nee~) (気をつけてくださいねぇ~), although it also looks like she’s grinning with anticipation of taking out her rifle for some fun :D

PSO2 RAcaseal Lisa

Popular NPC RAcaseal Lisa – Fan Art by Kumiko

Female Newman in Blue Ballistic Coat

Here’s an awesome shiny illustration of a female Newman in the Ballistic Coat (バリスティックコート) costume from AC Scratch. Note that blue isn’t one of the standard colors of Ballistic Coat that you can get in the game, so she’s actually wearing a color-modded one (using the Color Change Pass). Oh, she’s also wearing the Maid Katyusha (メイドカチューシャ) headband accessory.

Female Newman in Blue Ballistic Coat

Female Newman in Blue Ballistic Coat – by Gudon

Female Human Ranger (RAmarl) In Red Thousand Dream Costume

An illustration of a cute and adorable original player character, Kasane Langley (wonder if it’s a reference to Asuka Langley from Evangelion :D). Since she’s wearing a Thousand Dream (サウザンドリム) uniform – which is a standard costume for Rangers – I’m going to assume that she’s a Ranger :)

Female Human Ranger (RAmarl) in Thousand Dream Costume

Female Human Ranger in Red Thousand Dream Costume
- Artwork by langley1000

Female Human Hunter (HUmarl) In Guard Wing Costume

Here’s a cool original character illustration of Eesha (イーシャ), a HUmarl wearing a purple Guard Wing (ガードウイング) uniform. She’s also wearing the Nurse Cap (ナースキャップ) accessory and sporting the cool Knight Lancer (ナイトランサー) partisan for hunters too!

HUmarl in Guard Wing

HUmarl Eesha in Guard Wing Costume – Artwork by させぼのまり

Cute Original Female Newman Ranger

What makes her even cuter is the fact that she’s wearing a purple Viola Magica (ウィオラマギカ) costume – which reminds me of SEGA’s own FOnewearl Rupika.

PSO2 Ranger Girl

Original Female Newman Ranger Character – Illustration by baram

Original Player Character “Juri”

I only have one word to describe this illustration: “Wow!” It’s so well done I believe it can actually be mistaken for some official game artwork of another game for those who aren’t familiar with Phantasy Star Online.

Anyways, the name of the female character with cat ears in this illustration is “Juri” – an original player character – accompanied by… PSO2 fans, can you guess who the Male Newman Ranger behind her is??

1… 2… (answer after the image below)

PSO2 Juri With Afin (アフィン)

“The Day I Was Waiting For” – Illustration by Juri

OK, time’s up! If you guessed NPC Afin (アフィン), then you must be a true Phantasy Star Online 2 fan! :D Afin in this image is so cool I couldn’t recognize him at first (lol). The illustration is named, “The Day I Was Waiting For”, in reference to the first Story Quest you actually play with Afin.

Original PSO2 Character Flerya

Probably my favorite illustration in today’s set – her name is Flerya (フレリア) and she’s a Female Newman in an all-red Tiger Pierce (タイガーピアス) Neighbor Quartz (ネイバークォーツ) outfit. Her cat ears actually make her look really cool and fits perfectly with her character design. Not sure which Gunslash she’s carrying though – probably one of the non-rare ones.

PSO2 Flerya

Original PSO2 Character Flerya by Yosugara

What do you think of these Phantasy Star Online 2 female character illustrations?

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