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We’re back again with more Phantasy Star Online 2 fan art – this time featuring the popular Female Newman, Echo (エコー) chan!

From illustrations of Echo in cool poses to cute poses to sexy Echo to SD Echo – today’s collection of fan art will let you take delight in this lovely Force in various appearances!

Echo Chan & Maloo (マールー) Chan

We start off today with a lovely illustration of Echo chan sitting together with Maloo chan, the other popular (and cute!) Female Force.

Seeing them together like this makes you wonder who’s more popular among their fans!

Echo chan & Maloo chan

Echo chan & Maloo chan – Fan Art by サキハナヨシト

Echo’s Face Closeup Portrait

A very well-drawn portrait of Echo’s beautiful face.  Looking at her up close like this, it’s no wonder many fans simply love her!

This illustration also does a really good job at expressing the wavering emotions that’s always on her face – making us want to cheer for her even more!

Echo's Face Closeup Portrait

Echo’s Face Closeup Portrait by 東屋しゅりこ

Cute & Blushing

Here’s a fan art of her with a cute, blushing look on her face… wonder what happened to trigger that reaction!

Cute & Blushing Echo

Cute & Blushing Echo – Source: Small dream

Sexy & Mature Echo?!

Here’s a side of Echo we don’t get to see often – the sexy and mature Echo, brimming with confidence.

It’s as if she’s looking at you and saying, “Who do you think I am?  Fu fu fu…”

(Wait, are you sure this is Echo?!)

Sexy Echo

Sexy Echo – Fan Art by アクセル·アルマー

Battle Pose With Her Mag

Here’s a nice illustration of Echo posing with her Mag.  While she’s normally clumsy and lacks confidence in the game, this drawing shows her cool and confident side as she gets ready for battle!

Echo With Mag

Echo With Mag by け~け

Another Echo + Mag Fan Art

This time we have a really beautiful rendering of Echo with her Mag in cell color.  I really like the style of this artist!

Echo With Mag

Echo With Mag – Cell Color Drawing by じゃもめん

2D Echo: Front-View Full Body Illustration

Here’s a simple front-view full body illustration of Echo that gives a very 2D-like feel. If she ends up in some 2D RPG game, this is how I’d imagine she’d look like!

Echo Full Body Illustration (Front)

Echo Full Body Illustration (Front) by 卯月八重

SD Echo Chan!

Here’s another cute drawing of Echo – this time in SD style!

She’s so cute & adorable in this form that I want to turn her into a keychain or some sticker and carry her around XD

She even says “Makasenasai!” (まかせなさい!) – meaning, “Leave it to me!”  How cute can SD Echo get?!

SD Echo Chan

SD Echo Chan by からすのしっぽ

Another SD Echo Chan

Here’s another adorable SD drawing of our favorite Female Newman.  Another illustration I wish I can turn into a keychain or some character good to carry around :D

SD Echo with Heart

SD Echo with Heart by 佐霧友香@ついった

Last Minute Echo Fan Art

Here’s a “last minute” fan art drawn in a hurry by the same artist who did the 2nd SD Echo drawing above.  For a rushed illustration, it looks really nice!

Last Minute Echo Fan Art

Last Minute Echo Fan Art by 佐霧友香@ついった

Echo Relaxing

Of course our favorite heroine also gets tired sometimes – here’s Echo sitting down and relaxing in the corner as she notices someone coming her way.

Echo Sitting & Relaxing

Echo Sitting & Relaxing by 卯月八重

She’s Angry!

It must be Zeno leaving her alone again and making her worried!  Here’s a drawing of Echo when she’s in a bad mood…

Angry Echo Chan

Angry Echo Chan by ふみお

Why Is She Making A Sad Face??

Maybe she is worried if she’ll do well in her next battle.  Or maybe she’s wondering where on earth Zeno is goofing off at.

Or… or…?!  Well, that’s our ever-worrying Echo chan that fans have grown to love!

Echo With Sad Face

Echo With Sad Face by ron

Happy Echo!

There’s no cuter Echo than a happy one with a smiling face :)

Happy & Smiling Echo Chan

Happy & Smiling Echo Chan by 尾形彩

At The Beach In A Swimsuit With Zeno!

A lovely illustration of Echo in a swimsuit at the beach together with Zeno.  Many guys will definitely be jealous of Zeno for being able to spend time with such a cute Newman!

Echo in Swimsuit with Zeno

Echo in Swimsuit with Zeno – Source: Tumblr

What do you think of these beautiful Echo fan art? If you enjoy them, share them with your friends using the buttons below!

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