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Today’s PSO2 maintenance update brings us a new Emergency Quest called “Desert Guerrilla Warfare” (砂漠遊撃戦), plus a long list of other gameplay additions (including improvements to Hunter class, a new Client Order and more).  Read on for the full scoop.

“Desert Guerrilla Warfare” Emergency Quest Campaign

Desert Guerrilla Warfare Emergency Quest

Emergency Quest Campaign Date: 20 Feb 2013 (after maintenance) – 27 Feb 2013 (11:00 AM JPT, click to convert)

Details: Save the cute Lilipa planet inhabitants in the new Emergency Quest that takes place in the Desert Area.  Plus, complete this Emergency Quest in any of Normal, Hard or Very Hard mode within the campaign period above to receive special presents as gifts!

Emergency Quest Level Requirements:

  • Normal: None
  • Hard: Class Level 20
  • Very Hard: Class Level 40

“Desert Guerrilla Warfare” is set to appear at the following date & times (in JPT, click on times to convert):

Rewards: Grinder x99, “White Gift” (ホワイトギフト) room goods x2, Grinding Risk Reduction (-1) x4

PSO2 Desert Guerrilla Warfare Gifts

*Rewards will be sent on 6 March (after maintenance) to all characters which have completed the campaign requirements.

New Client Order

A new Client Order called “How to Edit Your Arks Card!” (アークスカードの編集方法!) has been added for the NPC Jan (ジャン).

Game Balance Updates

Hunter Class Revisions

The following revisions have been made to the Hunter class:

  • Increase in PP gain from normal attacks for Sword, Wired Lance and Partisan weapons
  • Quicker Just Attack input speed for Sword and Wired Lance
  • Increase in Gear Gauge gains from normal attacks for Sword and Wired Lance
  • Wired Lance Photon Art “Cerberus Dance” (サーベラスダンス) can now be guard-cancelled mid-execution

Changes to Requirements for Equipping Certain Units

A portion of Rarity ★2~★3 Units have had their equipping requirements changed.

Matter Board Revisions

The following Matter Board changes have been implemented:

  • Matter Board “The Day I’ve Been Waiting For” (この日を迎えるため): E-1 Garuf (ガルフ), A-5 Fongaruf (フォンガルフ) target levels have been changed to “Level 5 and above”.
  • Mater Board “Broken History, Once More” (壊れた歴史をもう一度): C-7 can be completed even without clearing all of NPC Zeno’s (ゼノ) client orders.

Client Order Revisions

Changes have been made to Client Orders for the following NPCs:

  • Coffee (コフィー): Changes in clear conditions, requirements and rewards for her client orders
  • Hans (ハンス): Enemy level requirements for a portion of his client orders have been reduced
  • Ravuel (ラヴェール): Enemy level requirements for a portion of her client orders have been reduced
  • Echo (エコー): Increased rewards for a portion of her client orders
  • Franka (フランカ): Changes in appearance of a portion of her client orders based on her Good Will level (the colored face next to the character icon)
  • Zeno (ゼノ), Echo (エコー), Afin (アフィン), Orza (オーザ), Lisa (リサ), Maloo (マール―), Hans (ハンス), Laura (ローラ): Changes to clear conditions for client orders at the beginning of the game for the above NPCs.
  • Conditions for the client orders to unlock Fighter, Gunner and Techter class have been revised.

Story Quest Revisions

Changes have been made that allow for easier attainment of a higher clear rank for the Story Quest “Beginning of the End” (終わりの始まり).

Enemy Revisions

Level 20 and below enemy HP levels have been reduced.

Boss Revisions

Normal Mode: Cataderan (キャタドラン) and Snow Banther (スノウバンサー) behavior changes, Vol Dragon (ヴォル・ドラゴン) parameter regulations

All Modes: Changes to behavior and reduced difficulty to Wolgada (ウォルガーダ)

Emergency Trial Revisions

Increase in Rare drops pattern for the Emergency Quest “Defeat Dark Falz Elder!” (ダークファルス・エルダー討伐).

Medical Drink Revisions

Addition of “Premium Effects” when drinking Medical Drinks while in possession of a Premium Set.

System Updates

Changes to a Portion of Item Names

The characters α, β, γ, δ, ε that appear after Unit names have been changed to a, b, c, d and e respectively to allow for easier name input while searching.

Changes to Matter Board Design & Search Functionality

Improvements to the “Search for Parties in Other Blocks” (他のブロックへのパーティーを探す) Function

When moving blocks to parties found using the “Search for Parties in Other Blocks” (他のブロックへのパーティーを探す) function, it is now possible to be immediately added to the parties that appeared on the list, instead of having to search for them again after moving blocks.

Addition of 2 New Party Play Styles

Addition of 2 new Party Play Styles, “Laid Back” (まったりと) and “Bustling” (にぎやかに), have been added

New Story Quest Indication Changes

Changes in how the 「!」 mark is displayed under the Quest Type selection list in the case of a divergence in Story Quests.

Addition of Boss Drop Items for Falz Hunar (ファルス・ヒューナル) in Escape Quest

Changes to Floating Island (浮遊大陸) Background Graphics

Este “Make Pattern” Changes

It is now possible to select the same Makeup Pattern for “Make Pattern Selection 1″ (メイクパターン選択1) and “Make Pattern Selection 2″ (メイクパターン選択2) at Este.  Selecting the same pattern for both Make Pattern Selections will have subtle changes compared to individual Make Patterns (such as a deeper color makeup).

Premium Set Revisions

  • Addition of “Premium Space” 「プレミアムスペース」 for common blocks on ships.  Even if a block is full, it is still possible to move to that block, provided that a Premium Set is possessed and that there is space in that block’s Premium Space.
  • After using an Este Pass (エステ利用パス), it is now possible to continue editing a character for 60 minutes without consuming a new pass.

Keyboard Settings Revisions

It is now possible to specify the sensitivity of the input for the Step/Dodge action (long 長、medium 中、short 短、not used不使用) when hitting the same directional key twice on the keyboard.

Arks Card Design & Editing Revisions

Black List Revisions

It is now possible to Black List someone from the Arks Search function at the Visiphone.

Symbol Art Changes

Symbol Art history will no longer be lost upon logging out or closing the game client.

Addition of Start a New Game (はじめてゲーを開始する) Option

Emergency Quest Notification Messages Will Now Specify Which Area They Will Take Place In

Addition of “PSN Online ID/Player ID Name” (PSN オンラインID/プレイヤーIDネーム) Character Name Display

Log Window Revisions

  • PA/Technic Disks picked up during quests will now also display their levels in the log window
  • In notifications to party members, Rare Weapon names will appear in yellow, and ? Special Weapon names will appear in light blue

Target Information Revisions

During quests, it is now possible to identify the number of Weapon and Unit slots as well as any attached abilities, from looking at the Target Information box on the top-left of the screen.

Ticket Revisions

Already used Tickets for Accessories, Voices and other additions will now display as grayed-out/black, to allow for better judgment when sorting/searching/purchasing Tickets.

New Blocks for PC & PS Vita Have Been Added


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