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This December will feature a ton of exciting updates coming to PSO2 JP – starting with a new Christmas AC Scratch with tons of cool new Christmas costumes (new pics from data mining below), as well as a number of gameplay updates to be implemented.  There will also be another NicoNico Live Broadcast (#4) scheduled for next Tuesday Dec. 4 at 21:00 PM JP time (07:00 AM EST).

UPDATE: Watch the latest official trailer showing the Christmas lobby & costumes, new rare weapons, new “Potential Ability Unlock System”, “(The Place) Where Darkness Gathers” (闇の集いし場) scenario & Dark Falz footage and more:

Christmas AC Scratch Costumes Sneak Peak

Thanks to data mining and a forum thread at PSO World here, we’re able to get a first look at how some of the new Christmas AC Scratch costumes will look like in-game.  Here’s a sample of female costumes that might be available:

Christmas AC Scratch Female Costumes

Christmas AC Scratch Female Costumes

From the top row in the image above, we have the Santa Dress (サンタドレス) in 3 color variations.

From bottom-left, we have:

  1. What looks like a recolor of the popular Kanagi Maihime (カナギマイヒメ) (Shrine Maiden) costume,
  2. Shilling Order (シリングオーダー), female version of the male ranger costume,
  3. NPC Matoi’s (マトイ) outfit!  Fans will be going crazy over this no doubt, and finally…
  4. Female version of the Haze Sorcerer (ヘイズソーサラー) costume.

A post at Midiproject (音楽とゲームとボカロとキミと) blog here about the December update also confirms a few other costumes & accessories that will be available:

Santa Suit + Santa Beard & Hat (サンタスーツ+ひげ付きサンタ帽)

PSO2 Male Santa Costume

PSO2 Male Santa Costume

Santa Dress + Santa Hat (サンタドレス+サンタ帽)

PSO2 Female Santa Costume

PSO2 Female Santa Costume

Furyu Neige + Furyu Head (フリューネージュ+フリューヘッド)

Furyu Neige Male Costume Set

Furyu Neige Male Costume Set

Funny Traitor + Firm Earmuffs (ファニトレイター+ファームイヤーマフ)

PSO2 Funny Traitor Costume Set

PSO2 Funny Traitor Costume Set

PSO2 JP December 2012 Gameplay Updates

The December update – titled “(The Place) Where Darkness Gathers” (闇の集いし場) – will feature a new mega-boss, Dark Falz (ダーク・ファルス).

New Planet-Sized Mega Boss, Dark Falz (ダーク・ファルス)

Dark Falz (ダーク・ファルス)

Seems that Dark Falz will appear in a special Emergency Quest, where the Arks Ship is attacked by planet-sized Dark Falz and numerous “Falz Arms” (ファルス・アーム).  If players are able to destroy enough Falz Arms (which weakens the main boss), they will be able to face off with the main boss, “Dark Falz Elder (ダークファルス・エルダー), in a stage 2 battle.

Christmas Rappy, Christmas Lobby & New Naura Sisters Cake Shop

Christmas Rappy, Christmas Lobby & New Naura Cake Shop!

Christmas Rappy, Christmas Lobby & New Naura Cake Shop!

  • A new special enemy, the Christmas (Saint) Rappy (セント・ラッピー) will also appear and drop a new special item.
  • From the beginning of December until Dec. 26th 2012, the main Arks Lobby will change to a Christmas theme with a large Christmas tree in the center!
  • The Naura Sisters Cake Shop (ナウラ姉妹のケーキ屋) will be back again in a new Tundra Emergency Quest, called “Christmas on Ice”.

4th Official NicoNico PSO2 Live Broadcast

On December 4th (Tues) starting from 21:00 PM JP time (07:00 AM EST), SEGA will hold their 4th Official NicoNico PSO2 Live Broadcast.  Producer Sakai and his special guests on the show will go over information on the upcoming updates with fans, which includes:

  • Over 100 minutes of new PSO2 information,
  • New info on the “(The Place) Where Darkness Gathers” (闇の集いし場) update, plus new breaking news from Producer Sakai,
  • New info on the Playstation Vita version of PSO2,
  • Live gameplay demonstration of our special guests battling against the new enemy.

PSO2 4th Live Broadcast Special Guests

PSO2 4th Live Broadcast Special Guests

from left to right: Momoi Haruko, Kai Ichitarou, Sakai Satoshi, Enomoto Atsuko

Link to Dec 4 NicoNico PSO2 Live Broadcast Page

Hope you’re ready for all the exciting new updates coming to PSO2 this December!

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