Dark Falz Storyline In Phantasy Star Online 2 Explained

December 16, 2012 · 3 comments

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What is Dark Falz (ダークファルス)?  Where did it come from?  What on earth is Dark Falz Elder (ダークファルス・エルダー) and how did it come into existence in Phantasy Star Online 2?

In this post, we examine the storyline behind the history of Dark Falz, how and why it was resurrected in PSO2, and what happens from then on.

PSO2 Echo (エコー)

Echo by 尾形彩

By the way, this post contains a lot of storyline spoilers.  So if you haven’t done the Story Quests up to Chapter 8 (“Descent of the Destructor”) yet, you might want to get caught up on that first before proceeding ;)  Otherwise, read on!

Dark Falz Resurrection

It all starts with the resurrection of Dark Falz.

Video thanks to: TheYummyKenshin

Warning: Spoilers!

According to Kasura (カスラ, the Male Newman NPC in the video), 40 years ago Arks was able to defeat Dark Falz.  However, they were actually unable to kill it, and was only able to seal its powers away.

The stone pillar in the Ruins you see in the video was what’s sealing the powers of Dark Falz.  Gettemhart (ゲッテムハルト) and his partner Melphonsina (メルフォンシーナ) was trying to release the seal of the stone pillar, when Zeno (ゼノ) & friends arrived.

(Note that Gettemhart calls his partner Sheena 「シーナ」 rather than using her full name.)

A battle then ensues with Zeno’s party trying to stop Gettemhart from reawakening the sealed evil power.

The seal was, unfortunately, released when Gettemhart “killed” his partner Sheena in order to reawaken the evil entity so that he can, well, “have some fun”.

Gettemhart (ゲッテムハルト) Kills Melfonsina (メルフォンシーナ)

Gettemhart (ゲッテムハルト) Kills Melfonsina (メルフォンシーナ)

Yes, Gettemhart desired so badly to fight the strongest opponent – in this case, the Lord of Darkness himself – that he even killed his own partner to make it happen!

(Note: I put quotes around “killed” above because it wasn’t really clear from the story so far whether Sheena really died – or if she’ll be saved & come back later – since her body was brought back to Arks Ship when you & Echo escaped.)

UPDATE: Sheena indeed survives and is later seen in some Matterboard cutscenes.

Unfortunately for Gettemhart, Dark Falz is similar to other Darkers in that it manifests its powers by “possessing” a host (explained by Kasura).  The host in the case – happened to be none other than Gettemhart himself.

Dark Falz (ダークファルス) Possessing Gettemhart (ゲッテムハルト)

Dark Falz (ダークファルス) Possessing Gettemhart (ゲッテムハルト)

So, instead of being able to fight Dark Falz, Gettemhart ended up becoming Dark Falz himself… oh the irony!

Once Dark Falz managed to take over Gettemhart’s body, he introduced himself to Zeno’s party as “Dark Falz Elder”.

Dark Falz in Gettemhart's Body

Dark Falz in Gettemhart’s Body

Yes, the humongous Dark Falz Elder that we’ve been fighting with in the new Emergency Quest (introduced on December 12) all started with Gettemhart!

Zeno & Kasura’s Decision… And the Fate of Arks?!

After battling with the newly resurrected Dark Falz in the form of “Falz Hunar” (ファルス・ヒューナル), Zeno realized that it was something far too powerful to defeat with their powers at the time.

PSO2 Falz Hunar (ファルス・ヒューナル)

Falz Hunar (ファルス・ヒューナル)

With that thought in mind, Zeno ordered you (the Player) and Echo (エコー) to escape with Sheena’s body, while he and Kasura would stay behind in order to buy some time.

Zeno Staying Behind to Let Echo Escape With Sheena

Zeno Staying Behind to Let Echo Escape With Sheena

The next cutscene shows Dark Falz in its planet-sized form rising from the planet and flying out into space.

The Player and Echo (along with Sheena’s body) manage to escape back to Arks Ship, but the fate of Zeno and Kasura is still unknown at the moment.

UPDATE: Kasura survives and appears again later to assist the player in other missions.  Zeno’s fate is still unknown (Echo is still looking for him as of Episode 2).

Dark Falz Rising From the Planet

Dark Falz Rising From the Planet

Battle With Falz Arms & Dark Falz Elder

After the incidents above, Arks is later attacked by the newly resurrected Dark Falz Elder and its Falz Arms (ファルス・アーム).

Players are able to participate in the fight through a couple of Emergency Quests – one where you battle Falz Arms in a 12-person multi-party alliance, and the other where you get to fight Dark Falz Elder himself (if you manage to defeat the Falz Arms quest at least once).

Battle With Falz Arms (ファルス・アーム)

Video thanks to: Lizett4

Battle With Dark Falz Elder (ダークファルス・エルダー)

Video thanks to: Quano19

New Enemies Emerge!

If you manage to defeat Dark Falz Elder (and are caught up with the Falz Hunar Chapter 8 Story Quest above), then a cutscene introducing a whole slew of new enemies can be triggered.

Video thanks to: CrysteonSnowflake

Among the enemies introduced are…

“Big Frame” (巨躯 – Dark Falz Elder)

"Big Frame" (巨躯 - or Dark Falz Elder)

“Big Frame” (巨躯 – or Dark Falz Elder)

When Dark Falz (in Gettemhart’s body) first introduced himself, he says “Dark Falz Elder”.  However, the kanji for “Elder” is actually written as 巨躯 – literally meaning “Big Frame” – referring to the humongous size of Dark Falz Elder himself.

The “Young One” (若人)

"Young One" (若人)

“Young One” (若人)

A mysterious Female Newman who seems to know about Dark Falz’s past.  Dark Falz also seems to “remember” who she is as well.

“Double” (双子)

"Double" (双子)

“Double” (双子)

Mysterious twin sisters who Dark Falz Elder refers to as “Double”.

The “Masked Figure” (仮面)

"Masked Figure" (仮面)

“Masked Figure” (仮面)

The mysterious Masked Figure who appeared in earlier Story Quests also appears as part of Dark Falz’s new group.

What will become of Arks with the appearance of these new foes?  What about the fate of Zeno and Kasura?  Only time can tell… time after more updates are released, that is! ;)

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