Cute PSO2 Girls – The Best Phantasy Star Online 2 Fan Art!

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Check out this collection of some of the cutest & coolest Phantasy Star Online 2 fan art, featuring PSO2 Girls I found on PIXIV!

Cute Female Newman Fighter Wearing A Purple Ballistic Coat

Those blue things she’s holding are JadeRacion (ジェイドラシオン) knuckles lol.

NPC Claris Claes & Aki Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Both Claris Claes (クラリスクレイス) and Aki (アキ) are NPC characters that sometimes appear during Emergency Code: Attack as well as the main storyline. Got to admit I like the Aki drawn here more than the one in-game lol. By the way, both are hand-drawn… amazing! x.X

PSO2 NPC Claris Claes

NPC Claris Claes – Illustration by カナ@PSO2


NPC Aki – Illustration by カナ@PSO2

Black Nurse Dress

Very detailed illustration of the Black Nurse Dress outfit from AC Scratch… really cute^^

PSO2 Black Nurse Dress

PSO2 Black Nurse Dress – Artwork by くれな

Super Cute Female Cast

Her name is Aruha chan (アルハちゃん). Looking at her makes me want to play a cast female character now >.< (notice the cute twintails hairstyle)

PSO2 Aruha chan

Aruha chan – Artwork by ティ・ボーイ

Cute Newman Girl in Kanagi Maihime (Shrine Maiden) Outfit

Kanagi Maihime (カナギマイヒメ) is probably one of the most popular outfits from AC Scratch (and one of the most expensive too – was around 4-5 million meseta on my server when it came out x.X). I really love how the Shrine Maiden outfit looks in the game, and here’s an equally cute illustration of a female Newman wearing it:

Newman in Red Kanagi Maihime (Shrine Maiden) Outfit

Newman Wearing Red Kanagi Maihime (Shrine Maiden) Outfit
– Illustration by ミズキ

Cute Gunner Girl Wearing Pink Little Prim Costume

Got to admit I haven’t touched the Gunner class that much yet (>.<) – but this is another reason to start playing it lol – she’s wearing the Pink Little Prim (リトルプリム) costume by the way.

PSO2 Cute Gunner

Cute Female Gunner Wearing Pink Little Prim Costume – Artwork by (^ω^)

Red Candy Crown With Cat Ears Hugging Rappy Doll!

Why can’t we hug our Rappy Dolls like this in the game too?! By the way, she’s wearing the Red Candy Crown (キャンディークラウン) costume.

Red Candy Crown With Cat Ears Hugging Rappy Doll!

Red Candy Crown Girl With Cat Ears Hugging Rappy Doll – Artwork by ふーか

Pony Tail Female With Cat Ears Wearing White Candy Crown

Another female character with cat ears and wearing the White Candy Crown (キャンディークラウン) outfit. I swear there’s some sort of fashion trend going on with Candy Crown costumes and cat ears >.<

PSO2 Pony Tail Female With Cat Ears Wearing Candy Crown

Pony Tail Female With Cat Ears Wearing White Candy Crown Outfit
– Artwork by 小鞍みゆ

FOmarl In Pink Wedding Dress

Last but not least, we have a Female Human Force in a Pink Wedding Dress. She’s holding a Talis Legacy too, classic! (I miss mine :3)

PSO2 FOmarl in Pink Wedding Dress

FOmarl in Pink Wedding Dress – Artwork by 蒼うさ

What do you think of these cute PSO2 girls artwork? Got more suggestions or images you’d like to share? Share them in comments below^^

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