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Here’s more cute PSO2 females character artwork I’ve found from some of the best Phantasy Star Online 2 fan art on PIXIV! Enjoy^^

NPC Lisa in Orange Swim Wear

Probably one of the most liked NPCs in PSO2, here’s the trigger-happy female Cast Ranger, Lisa, posing in the Orange B Swim Wear (オレンジBスイムウェア) from AC Scratch. (Wonder if she can swim with her robotic body parts exposed ^^;) Also nice to see her NOT being portrayed as a crazy psycho robot like many illustrations of her out there, for once ^.^

PSO2 Lisa in Orange Swim Wear

NPC Lisa Posing in Orange Swim Wear – Artwork by 夏深 青

Guren Chan in Viola Magica Hugging Rappy Doll

Here’s an illustration of an original female human player character – and her name is Guren (ぐれん) chan. She’s wearing the Maid Katyusha (メイドカチューシャ) accessory, along with the White Viola Magica (ウィオラマギカ) costume. Oh, the unit she’s wearing on her back is a Tirafrub β (ティラフラブβ) – got to love the attention given to details by the artist!

PSO2 Guren chan

PSO2 Guren (ぐれん) Original Character
- Illustration by ぐれん@ニャル子二期楽しみ

DillDill Chan in Red Candy Crown Outfit

Another artwork of an original player character, DillDill (ディルディル) chan. Got to admit that the Candy Crown costume is popular – it keeps popping up in so many PSO2 character drawings I’ve come across. DillDill chan is a HUmarl wearing the Red Candy Crown (キャンディークラウン) costume and Nurse Cap (ナースキャップ) accessory.

PSO2 DillDill

Original Character “DillDill” (ディルディル) Chan – by おげら

Reefah Chan – Cool Caseal With Cat Ears

I Fell in love with this drawing immediately when I saw it; Reefah chan is cute, cool, pretty – all rolled into one awesome female cast character. Oh, and she’s blue, which makes her even cooler! If I were to create a caseal, I’d model it after her >.<

PSO2 Caseal Reefah Chan

Original PSO2 Caseal Reefah (レーファ) Chan
- Drawing by 近未来戦闘機械人影

Lively Female Newman NPC Patty!

The more popular of the 2 female Newman twins NPCs – sister of the quieter Tia (ティア) chan – the lively Patty (パティ) chan in her trademark Green Little Prim (リトルプリム) costume! I’m always reminded of Patty and her sister whenever I see a character in the Little Prim outfit – well, these twins did start this fashion trend after all.

When I look at her, I can almost hear her trademark “Hai, hai, hai~” (ハイ、ハイ、ハイ~) voice like she always greets you with in the game lol.

PSO2 NPC Patty (パティ) Chan

Popular NPC Patty (パティ) – Artwork by Agarwood

Famous Naura Cake Shop Sisters Trio

With the recent Halloween Event in Phantasy Star Online 2 that just took place, there’s probably no player who hasn’t encountered the Naura Sisters (ナウラ三姉妹) and their cake shop. Got to protect them from enemy Darkers while they bake delicious cakes for us!

Naura Cake Shop Sisters

Naura Cake Shop Sisters Illustration by Miriry

Female Ranger With Cat Ears Wearing Orange Swim Wear

Here’s another original player character drawing of a female human Ranger wearing the Orange B Swim Wear (オレンジBスイムウェア) – same as Lisa! She’s also holding a Strauss (シュトラウス) assault rifle, one of the popular Ranger weapons when it first came out.

Orange Swim Wear Female Ranger

Female Ranger With Strauss Wearing Orange Swim Wear
– Artwork by ふーえん

Female Force in Feeling Robe with a Garland Rod

This time it’s a back shot illustration of a female Force wearing the popular Feeling Robe (フィーリングローブ) outfit. She’s also equipping one of the most popular Force weapons – the Garland (ガーランド) Rod. Talk about a killer combo!

Female Force With A Garland Rod

Female Force Equipping Garland – Artwork by Miss B (ミスB)

Popular PSO2 NPC Maru (マールー) Chan

I wonder which female NPC is the most popular in PSO2, but one thing is for certain: Maru chan is a top contender among fans. And here’s a cute fan art of her:

PSO2 NPC Maru (マールー)

NPC Maru (マールー) Chan – Drawing by Mochizuki Kazuto

RAcaseal With Photon Launcher

We finish today’s roundup of cute PSO2 girls fan art with another female cast Ranger illustration. I’m not 100% certain, but I think she’s carrying a Photon Launcher (フォトンランチャー).

Phantasy Star Online 2 RACaseal

RACaseal Carrying a Photon Launcher – by 姆Q姆Q

What do you think of these awesome PSO2 fan art? Post your comments below!

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