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Although the latest March 27th update that brought a ton of exciting new changes has only been released a couple of days ago, the development team at SEGA has revealed even more exciting updates to come this April!

The upcoming April series of updates, titled “The Solemn Protector” (荘厳なる守護者) – more directly translated as “The Protector Who Becomes Solemn” – will feature the unlock of Class Level 60, a new boss named “Dragon-X” (ドラゴン・エクス), a new Field, a new AC Scratch featuring collaboration-items with Hatsune Miku, and much more!

But first, let’s take a look at the current Player Reward Campaigns and the rewards available… (“The Solemn Protector” update summary is also below)

March 27 – April 03-17 Player Reward Campaigns

FUN Scratch Player Campaign #2

FUN Scratch Player Campaign #2

Campaign Period: March 27, 2013 (after maint.) – April 17, 2013 (maintenance)

Details: Spend FUN Scratch points in-game and receive special presents!


  • Spend 500 FUN Points Within Campaign Period:
    • Receive “Experience Points +50%” x1
  • Spend 2000 FUN Points Within Campaign Period:
    • Receive “Tea Set” (Room Goods) x1
    • Receive “Rare Drop +50%” x2

FUN Scratch Campaign 2 Presents

*Presents will be sent out in the middle of May.

Client Order Campaign #2

Client Order Campaign #2

Campaign Available Until: April 03, 2013 (maintenance)

Details & Rewards:

  • Clear Ravelle’s Client Order “Black Slaughter 4″ (ブラック・スローター・IV) and Receive:
    • Experience Points +50% x2
    • Grinding Risk (-1) x4
Ravelle Presents

Ravelle Presents

  • Clear Cressida’s Client Order “Untrained S Rank Clear” (へっぽこぴーなSランククリア) and Receive:
    • Experience Points +50% x2
    • Grinding Risk (-1) x2
    • Grinder x30
Cressida Presents

Cressida Presents

*Presents scheduled to be delivered during the April 10, 2013 maintenance.

Emergency Quest Campaign #7: Chrome Dragon

Emergency Quest Campaign #7

Campaign Period: March 27, 2013 (after maint.) – April 03, 2013 (maint.)

Details: Complete the Emergency Quest “Rampage Dragon’s Resentment” (暴走龍の怨嗟) at least once during the campaign period and receive presents!

The Emergency Quest “Rampage Dragon’s Resentment” will appear at the following times on all Ships:

  • March 27, 2013: 20:00, 23:00 JPT
  • March 29, 2013: 14:00, 20:00, 23:00 JPT
  • March 30, 2013: 14:00, 20:00, 23:00 JPT
  • March 31, 2013: 14:00, 20:00, 23:00 JPT
  • April 01, 2013: 14:00, 20:00, 23:00 JPT
  • April 02, 2013: 14:00, 20:00, 23:00 JPT

Time Zone Converter


  • Grinding Success +10% x2
  • Grinding Risk (-1) x4
  • Grinder x99

Emergency Quest Campaign #7 Presents

*Presents are scheduled to be delivered on April 10, 2013 during maintenance.

AC Scratch Purchase Campaign #4

AC Scratch Purchase Campaign #4

Campaign Period: March 27, 2013 (after maint.) – April 17, 2013 (maintenance)

Details & Rewards:

  • Use 1 or more AC Scratch or AC Scratch Gold during the campaign period and receive:
    • Experience Points +50% x2
  • Use 3000 AC or more in AC Scratch during the campaign period and receive:
    • Rare Drop +250% x1
    • Advanced Capsule a x10

AC Scratch Campaign 4 Presents

Target AC Scratch:

  • Universe Star Collection 「ユニバーススターコレクション」
  • Universe Star Collection G 「ユニバーススターコレクションG」
  • Spring Romantica 「スプリングロマンティカ」
  • Spring Romantica G 「スプリングロマンティカG」

*Presents will be delivered during mid-May.

Friend Invitation Campaign #2

Friend Invitation Campaign #2

Campaign Period: March 27, 2013 (after maint.) – April 17, 2013 (maint.)

Details: During the campaign period, use the Friend Invitation System to invite a friend to PSO2 and receive presents!

Rewards & Conditions:

  • Invitee (person who has been invited) must have a Class leveled to Level 10 or higher within the campaign period to qualify.
  • Both the Inviting Friend and Invitee will receive the following presents if the above condition is met:
    • Experience Points +50% x1
    • Rare Drop +50% x1
    • Meseta +50% x1

Friend Invitation Campaign #2 Presents

How To Use The Friend Invitation System

*Presents are scheduled to be delivered mid-May.

“The Solemn Protector” (荘厳なる守護者) Update Coming In April!

The next big series of update, titled “The Solemn Protector” (荘厳なる守護者), is set to be released in April!

Here’s the official teaser video showing what’s to come:

Here’s a summary of the exciting new updates coming soon:

Class Level 60 Unlocked & New Class Skills! (April 10, 2013 Update)

The long-awaited Class Level 60 will soon be unlocked!

Not only will players get access to Class Level 60 without the need to do any additional Class Level Unlock Client Orders (except for previously available ones), but tons of exciting new skills will also be introduced for all classes!

Hunter New Skill: Fury Combo Up

During Fury Stance, there will be additional damage bonus for continuous use of Just Attacks.

Fury Combo Up

Fury Combo Up: Damage Bonus For Continuous Just Attacks During Fury Stance

New Ranger Skill: Killing Bonus

When enemies nearby the player are killed, PP will be recovered.

Killing Bonus

Killing Bonus: PP Recovers When Enemies Die Near The Player.

New Force Skill: Photon Flare After Burst

After the effect of Photon Flare is over, Tech Attack power will be increased for a certain duration.

Photon Flare After Burst

Photon Flare After Burst: Tech Attack Power Increases For A Duration After Photon Flare Is Over

New Fighter Skill: PP Slayer

When PP is less than 50%, Strike & Shoot Power is increased.

PP Slayer

PP Slayer: Strike & Shoot Power Bonus When PP Below 50%

New Gunner Skill: Perfect Keeper

When Player HP is 100%, additional damage bonus will be applied to enemies.

Perfect Keeper

Perfect Keeper: Additional Damage Bonus to Enemies When Player HP is 100%

New Techter Skill: Rare Mastery Techter

When rarity 10★ or above Weapon is equipped, Tech Power is increased.

Rare Mastery Techter

Rare Mastery Techter: Tech Power Increased When Rarity 10★ or Above Weapon Equipped

Since the SEGA team has promised an All Class Tree Reset Pass whenever new skills or major changes are made to Class Skills, we can hopefully expect that as well once the update hits.

New Field: Dragon Sanctuary (April 10, 2013 Update)

A new Field will also be introduced at last!  This time, players will journey into the mysterious Dragon Sanctuary - located within the Floating Continent – and confront new powerful enemies.

To unlock the Dragon Sanctuary field, players must first clear the Ruins Exploration Free Field, upon which a new Client Order from Coffee to unlock the Dragon Sanctuary map will become available!

Dragon Sanctuary

Dragon Sanctuary

Dragon Sanctuary

New Boss Enemies: Golon Zoran & Dragon-X (April 10, 2013 Update)

With the new Field comes new boss enemies as well, this time bringing 2 new powerful adversaries for players to challenge!

 Golon Zoran: Dragon-Kin Boss That Can Summon Vol Dragon!

Golon Zoran

Golon Zoran Summons Vol Dragon

Golon Zoran Summons Vol Dragon To Fight In Battle!

 Dragon-X: Blade-Equipped Dragon!



Dragon-X Can Deal Devastating Blows With Its Equipped Blade

New Easter Event & Lobby! (Available From April 10, 2013 – May 15, 2013)

Easter Lobby

Egg-Rappy and its exclusive Drop Item – Egg Blaster – will also be available!

Egg Rappy

Egg Rappy: Easter Event Rare Enemy

Egg Blaster

Egg Blaster Twin Machine Gun

Upcoming AC Scratch: Melody on Stage (April 10, 2013 Update)

The next AC Scratch will feature collaboration items with non other than the popular Vocaloid Idol, Hatsune Miku!

Melody On Stage AC Scratch

Among the cute collectable items you can get your hands on include the Hatsune Miku Repca (初音ミク・レプカ) costume, the Miku Dayo (ミクダヨー) Mag Evolution Device, and other costumes from the Phantasy Star Portable 2 series!

Hatsune Miku Repca (初音ミク・レプカ)

Hatsune Miku Repca (初音ミク・レプカ)

Miku Dayo (ミクダヨー) Mag Evolution Device

Miku Dayo (ミクダヨー) Mag Evolution Device

Valgiris (ヴァルギリス)

Valgiris (ヴァルギリス)

Judgment Coat (ジャッジメントコート)

Judgment Coat (ジャッジメントコート)

Plus Many Other Costumes & Accessories!

Melody on Stage Items

Melody on Stage Items

Melody on Stage Items

Melody on Stage Items

Melody on Stage Items

Arks Museum: My Room Results!

Last but not least, check out the winning screen shots from the latest Arks Museum: My Room contest.  There are many beautiful, unique and even funny pictures for you to see!

Arks Museum: My Room Contest Results

Arks Museum: My Room

Character Flying Through Door: “I’m home!!” | Parrot: “Can’t you come home normally!”

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