[VIDEO] 1 HP Hunter Boss Solo, Crazy Gunner Damage & More!

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PSO2 Damage Exhibition

Gunner/Ranger Damage: Powerful

Here are some cool videos showing amazing feats that can be done in Phantasy Star Online 2.  Watch a pro Hunter solo the latest Very Hard Ruins Boss – with 1 HP.  Or check out the crazy 40k+ chains of damage a Gunner/Ranger can deal in a few seconds

1 HP Pro Hunter VS Zeshreida (Ruins Boss) Solo [Very Hard]

I’m a Hunter fan myself, but like most people, I sometimes question the effectiveness of the class in various situations.  For example:

  • Limited range; in MPAs, enemies are usually dead by the time you get close enough to deal damage (even with long range PAs like Sonic Arrow), therefore, you’re contributing less overall DPS when compared to long-range classes like Force or Rangers.
  • In boss fights (especially new bosses), it’s hard for Hunters to break certain boss parts. Plus, new bosses tend to move around a lot, making you chase them – thus losing more DPS.
  • New Hunter PAs like Over End are powerful, but has extremely long execution time and leaves you very vulnerable.

Well, wait until you see the following video of a pro Hunter soloing VH Zeshreida (Ruins Boss)… with 1 HP.  No meds, no Force or Techter sub-class – just 1 HP, a good DPS setup and a ton of skill.

Doesn’t this video just give you the urge to play Hunter?

Crazy Gunner Damage (VH Zeshreida Time Attack Solo)

It’s probably no secret anymore that Gunners (especially Gunner/Ranger with Weak Bullet) can deal some crazy damage.  With Gunner’s Chain Trigger ability and Ranger’s Weak Bullet combination, chains of multiple 40,000+ damage isn’t unheard of.  Here’s some of that Gunner awesomeness in action:

45 Seconds Fighter vs Quartz Dragon Solo

The following video was done before the current level cap raise to Very Hard, so it might be a bit old, but it was no doubt pretty cool at the time :) It shows a Fighter soloing a Hard Quartz Dragon in 45 seconds.

Gotta love Deadly Archer.

Ranger Quick 128,000+ Damage

Another video showing the effectiveness of the Ranger/Gunner combo (this time with RA as main class).  Might be a bit hard to see with all the action going on, but it basically shows a RA/GU popping Weak Bullet + Chain Trigger combo, then proceeding to deal chains of 800+ damage normal attacks, followed by three 42~43k Weak Bullet shots in the span of a few seconds.

What do you think of these PSO2 damage exhibition videos?  Know of other awesome or crazy damage videos you’d like to share?  Share them in the comments below^^

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