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[VIDEO] 1 HP Hunter Boss Solo, Crazy Gunner Damage & More!

Here are some cool videos showing amazing feats that can be done in Phantasy Star Online 2.  Watch a pro Hunter solo the latest Very Hard Ruins Boss – with 1 HP.  Or check out the crazy 40k+ chains of damage a Gunner/Ranger can deal in a few seconds… 1 […]

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[VIDEO] Ruins Gameplay, PSE Burst + Zeshreida (Boss) & More!

It’s here! I just finished recording the latest gameplay video showing the new “Ruins” map released on the November 7th update for Phantasy Star Online 2. You can watch it right here: Ruins Gameplay, PSE Burst + Zeshreida (Boss) The video shows a quick playthrough (plus boss fight) for the […]

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[VIDEO] All Female Lobby Actions From AC & FUN Scratch (Part 1)

I just uploaded a couple of videos showing all female “Extra Lobby Actions” that can be obtained from AC & FUN Scratch as of the Halloween Event. Some of you might want to know how some of these extra lobby actions look like before investing (usually a huge some of) […]

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