[PSO2 JP] Bugs & Issues After December 5 Update

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PSO2 December 5 Update Bugs & Issues

SEGA has announced a few bugs & issues that have been reported after the recent December 5 update, and that they are currently looking into solving the problems.  So if you’ve noticed a bug or issue like the ones listed below, rest assured that they are currently being fixed.

Bugs & Issues After December 5 Update Currently Being Inspected

Screen Movement Abnormality After Using Certain Techniques & Photon Arts

Certain techniques and photon arts, when used, have been reported to cause the screen to shake/sway in an unusual way.  This issue has been noted and is currently being fixed.

Issue Where Certain Techniques Would Not Hit Targets If There Are Obstacles In The Way

Certain techniques like Ra Foie (ラ・フォイエ) and Grants (グランツ) – and other similar techniques that attack targets from a distance – have been reported to not hit targets if there are obstacles in the way.  This issue is currently being fixed.

Issue Where Techniques Would Lose Attack Power Under Certain Conditions

Not sure what “conditions” causes Techniques to become weakened since I haven’t been playing a Tech-based class since the update.  The conditions aren’t pointed out on the announcement page either, but if you’ve noticed that your Techniques have been doing less damage than they were before in certain situations, then that will most likely be fixed soon.

Character Skin Turns Red Under Certain Conditions

An issue where a character’s skin color turns red under certain conditions have been reported.  This issue is also being looked into as well.

NPC Skin Color Abnormality

It has also been reported that under certain conditions, NPC skin color may display abnormally.  This issue is currently being fixed as well.

Link to December 5 Bug & Issues Announcement Page

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