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PSO2 Luna

That’s me! A big hello from Arks Ship – our central HQ in outer space – from where we battle nasty monsters, mecha robots, space monkeys, and err, everything in between.

Hi! I’m PSO2 Luna (you can just call me Luna :D) and I’ve been playing PSO2 – or Sega’s free-to-play MMO Phantasy Star Online 2 – since it’s Beta release on Japanese servers during mid-2012.

In case you haven’t already been playing PSO2, here’s a quick intro to the game. Phantasy Star Online 2 is Sega’s latest free-to-play, action-RPG MMO based on it’s popular Phantasy Star series.

The game takes place in an outer-space setting (think: Star Wars), where the Arks Ship explores different planets – from the lava-filled caves of Amduscia to the barren junkyards of Liliba.

The main antagonists you fight throughout the game are huge, insect-like aliens called “Darkers”. However, you also get to battle different “species” of enemies as you visit various planets – from the lizard-man race of Amduscia to the mecha robots of Lillipa. Not to mention big-ass boss monsters!

PSO2 Dark Ragne

Dark Ragne – an example enemy boss you encounter in the game.
That is one huge bug! | Actual Boss Promo Image From: Phantasy Star Online 2

What makes PSO2 stand out from other MMOs out there is its fast-paced, action-oriented FPS-style gameplay. While top-notch gear is most important in other games, a player’s skill is the most important factor in Phantasy Star Online 2. Of course, like other MMOs out there you can also collect shiny rare weapons and units in PSO2.

Check out a cool introductory video on Phantasy Star Online 2 created by SEGA (in Japanese):

Oh, did I mention PSO2 has one of the best character creation in any game?

Characters you can create in PSO2 are some of the cutest (and coolest) I’ve seen in any MMO.

Unfortunately, the game is currently only available as Japanese-version only (a Western release date still hasn’t been announced). However, you can still download and play the game from SEGA’s PSO2 website. There’s also a great registration guide over at PSO World too if you’re uncomfortable with navigating Japanese menus while signing up and in-game.

What Is PSO2Luna.com?

PSO2 Luna is where I chronicle my adventures on Phantasy Star Online 2, as well as post about any interesting news, tips, tricks and more I find about the game. I also occasionally write and make video tutorials – everything from gameplay footage to weapon/unit customization (aka Dudu – this game’s version of “crafting”) guides.

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