2 Promising Game Improvements To Be Implemented (Good News for Hunters?)

January 11, 2013 · 0 comments

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2 Promising Game Improvements To Be Implemented

PSO2 Hunter RangerImage by: 見習いテンナ

Recently SEGA has received user feedback regarding certain gameplay elements that a lot of players would love to see improved.

Here are a couple of promising game improvements the development team at SEGA has promised to review:

1). Increased Effectiveness of Hunter’s “Over End” (オーバーエンド) Photon Art (PA)

Most Hunters either love it or hate it – but let’s face it: Over End is currently a Hunter’s strongest Photon Art when it comes to destructive power.

The downside: It leaves you vulnerable – very vulnerable.

In case you aren’t a Hunter player and wonder what Over End looks like, here’s a video showing it in action:

Although Over End is incredibly strong (and cool looking), it comes with some very serious tradeoffs:

  1. Execution time is very, very slow – probably one of the (if not THE) slowest PA in the game – at over 4 seconds from start to finish.
  2. During execution of the PA, your character cannot move until the PA motion is over.  This includes Guarding or Stepping (dashing).  Yep, you can’t Guard or dash out of Over End, unlike most other Photon Arts.
  3. Because it takes “forever” for Over End to execute, chances are the final (and strongest) hit is going to miss if your target moves out of the way (very likely).

Because of Over End’s limitations, many Hunters choose to just use it on boss or enemy weak spots when they are otherwise immobile (stunned or knocked down).  That, or just use Over End anyway and tank whatever damage they receive when using it.

Good news for Hunters – enough people have complained, and SEGA has promised to revise and possibly adjust Over End’s effectiveness.

2). Giving Players Who Have Just Been “Revived” A Moment of Invincibility

The problem: After being revived by Moon Atomizer (ムーンアトマイザー) or Scape Doll (スケープドール), it’s possible to immediately die again if hit by a strong attack immediately upon revival.  Moon Atomizer or Scape Doll wasted.

What players want: Give players who have just been revived a period of invincibility to prevent immediate deaths again right after revivals.

SEGA: “We’re on it.”

Hopefully these changes will be implemented sooner rather than later.  As a Hunter player myself, I’m really looking forward to the Over End improvements – we Hunters need all the firepower we can get to keep up damage with other classes :3

By the way, the Christmas & New Years Campaign Listing page has been updated to include the latest “Emergency Quest 2013 Campaign #1″.

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